Add your face

Join the towwwwwwwwwer, an infinitely rising column of Content and Yousers.
For this you will need a computer or phone with a camera and a decent browser (Chrome or Firefox works best). Go to "add your face" and take a snapshot.

Facing the camera straight on under good lightning conditions is recommended. Once your photo is taken, your contribution is turned into a solid and rendered as part of the twwwr feed. This may take 1-2 minutes. Just refresh the page after a while and you will appear on top of things.

Link to a specific part

Since the Service will grow over time you might want to have a link to a specific part of it. Maybe the one with your face, maybe something funny you saw. You can get a permanent link by clicking on a part of the twwwr. A small popup with the link will appear.

Download yourself

Face parts of the twwwr can be downloaded for 3D printing at your favourite printing service such as Shapeways*. Click on the part and besides the permanent link will be a small download icon. Select it and your download should begin immediately. *When printing choose ‘meters’ as unit of scale.